‘Straight out of the Desert of Southern California to a dirty bar near you comes WAXY… Without Any explanation why. A retro-infused musical throwback that mixes up the amped-up raw styling of garage rock with a healthy dose of classic psychedelia.’

Some people call it Stoner Rock… some people don’t. Others may call it Desert Rock or Psychedelic Rock. Some think of the sound as Post Punk or Avant-Garde Rock or just plain old Rock and Roll. Use whatever label you like but WAXY’s music is filled with sincerity, soul and volume. Fused with an ever revolving cast of musicians with unique approaches and originality WAXY is constantly growing, developing and evolving.


Guitars & Vocals


(Guitars & Vocals) is Waxy’s primary songwriter, producer and creative catalyst. While Robert is capable of being ferocious in his songwriting with riffs that will tear your head off, he also has a softer more gentle approach to writing. “With the infinite places to explore in music and songwriting, why pigeon hole yourself to just one style?  Music is a journey, a lifelong experience. Songwriting is a reflection of who you are.




(Bass) is the bands bass player and soul direction. Deep, reflective, bad-ass. Carlyn’s bass plays the essentials and brings an ‘on time’ feeling to her notes. “I was drawn to WAXY because of the songwriting. I knew the musicianship would elevate my playing but its also fun!” Carlyn is the newest member of the band and a welcomed one. She brings grace and style to the chemistry of the group while adding fire and grit to the rhythm.




(Drums) Nick Fulsher is a San Diego transplant, grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has been playing drums for 20 years. And has toured with multiple bands but has found his place with Waxy. A hard hitting groove machine, he lives for the stage and for rock n roll.


Damien Lautiero
Ty Veros
Jeff Bowman
Mike Johnson
Charles Pasarell
Owen Street
Sean Crossan
JP Houston
Fred Kores
Andrew Nethery
Zac Rae